Welcome to Unity Center of Norwalk where all are welcomed.  Unity Center is a spiritually based community founded and based on a concept of always pointing the way toward a more positive way of living.  The philosophy of Unity is that there is only One Power and One Presence active as the Universe and active as our lives. That power is what we call God.

What we know as God is active in our lives by way of our thoughts. We create our lives by way of our thoughts, words, and actions. If we wish to experience our lives differently, we must take on a new thought. In that new thought we will then bear witness to the changes within ourselves and in the Universe. Through these demonstrations of thought, word and action we may then know that we as individuals do personally make a difference in the world.

pledgeCongratulations!  We reached our goal of a $1000 weekly increase in giving!   If you didn’t get a chance to pledge but would still like to contribute, click HERE to make your pledge today!  We are all truly blessed.

The Self and The Soul“The Self & The Soul: Living in the Domain of Miracles” Workshop with Jackie Woodside, Sunday, November 16 at 12:30 pm.  Life – with all its busyness, difficulty and demands can feel overwhelming and chaotic. It can feel like you’re living on a constant treadmill but uncertain if you are really growing, making a difference or taking any ground. The Soul is constantly calling for you to engage, live more deeply, with greater joy and contentment. Do you believe that you can create your life from living in the domain of miracles? Do you truly believe that you are the cause and creator of your experience? And if this is so, why does everything sometimes feel so hard…?  Click HERE for more details.

Swingin' in a Winter WonderlandSwingin’ in a Winter Wonderland with Chuck Sweeney as Miss Peggy Lee  Back by popular demand as part of Unity Center Presents… MAC and Bistro Award-winner for Outstanding Impersonator Chuck Sweeney returns with “Miss Peggy Lee: SWINGIN’ IN A WINTER WONDERLAND”, his take on the late, great Miss Peggy Lee.  Sweeney appeared Off-Broadway in “I WILL COME BACK”.  He has performed, as Miss Peggy Lee, on stages across the globe and sold out his previous appearance at Unity Center on our celebrated Comedy Night.  Join us on Saturday, December 6th at 7:00 pm for a swingin’ good time.  Tickets are $20.  “Chuck Sweeney keeps the memory of Peggy Lee alive with a fevered impersonation that includes a heavy dose of camp hilarity.” – Time Out, New York



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