Welcome to Unity Center of Norwalk where all are welcomed.  Unity Center is a spiritually based community founded and based on a concept of always pointing the way toward a more positive way of living.  The philosophy of Unity is that there is only One Power and One Presence active as the Universe and active as our lives. That power is what we call God.

What we know as God is active in our lives by way of our thoughts. We create our lives by way of our thoughts, words, and actions. If we wish to experience our lives differently, we must take on a new thought. In that new thought we will then bear witness to the changes within ourselves and in the Universe. Through these demonstrations of thought, word and action we may then know that we as individuals do personally make a difference in the world.


Discover the Power Within YouDiscover the Power Within You with Reverend Shawn, Tuesdays beginning January 6th, join Reverend Shawn in the greatest discovery of all time: YOU! Open new doors of self knowledge and find ways to release the power within. This book changed my perspective on life and religion.  Eric Butterworth teaches that God isn’t up there, “He is in, around, above and through each one of us and it’s up to us to seek the Divine within.” – Oprah Winfrey  Click HERE for more information.


The PathThe Pathwork Lectureswork Lectures with Maria Corsaro, Beginning in January, The lectures given by Eva Pierrakos from 1957-1979 are the heart of the Pathwork.  They are an astonishing roadmap to self-responsibility, self-knowledge, and true self-acceptance.  they point the way to genuine love of self, others, and the Divine.  Click HERE for more information.


A Day of Healing A Day of Healing with Gloria Kitchen, January 31st, 10a – 5pm.                                 Learn Scanning, Radiant, and Color Healing and experience a  powerful one-day training from the renowned International Energy Healing and Mystery  school, One Light Healing Touch. Release  years  of accumulated stress and  emotional programming.  Click HERE for more information.


World Sound Healing Day

World Sound Healing Day -  February 14, 2015 Join us for a fabulous afternoon of toning the word “AH”, beingsoothed by the sound of gongs during a guided meditation and receiving massage, energy healing or an Akashic Record reading. A day full of raising your vibration and sharing  harmony with the earth. For more information click HERE.


RetreatSquare150x1502015 Retreat-  WHOLENESS -  Accepting the WHOLE package called YOU. Discover that there is nothing inherently negative about us. Take this opportunity to see ourselves as the GOOD we are. For more information click HERE.



AAmazon SmilemazonSmile Contributes to Unity Center when you shop!  When customers shop on AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.com), the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers.  Click HERE to find out more and select Unity Center as your charitable organization for AmazonSmile to support.


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